Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the National SES Volunteers Association?

A. The National SES Volunteers Association was formed in 2015 to represent the thousands of State and Territory Emergency Service Volunteers. The Association works to achieve nationally consistent goals that represent the interests of its volunteer members, advocating them when appropriate.

Q. How can I become an SES Volunteer?

A. Volunteering with the SES is an exciting and rewarding experience. To learn more about becoming a volunteer in your state or territory, please visit:

Q. How does the National SES Volunteers Association raise funds?

A. National SES Volunteers Association conducts a raffle as its main source of income, and engages a professional contact centre, OneContact who also conducts similar work for other charities. For more information, please visit

Q. How can I support the National SES Volunteers Association on an ongoing basis?

A. Supporters can participate in 3 or 6 raffles a year by joining our regular raffle club. To join, simply click “YES” on our online web portal or call us on 1300 707 344 to speak to our team.

Q. How can I learn more about National SES Volunteers Association?

A. To learn more about what we do, please visit

Q. Who do I contact for flood or storm related emergencies?

A. Please call the SES on 132 500.

Q. Cancellation and refund policy

A. Once your payment has been processed and banked, the ticket numbers you have already received either via email or mail will be validated. Note that you will not receive another set of numbers. NSESVA do not provide returns or refunds after the draw date of the raffle. If you would like to cancel your support or verify your numbers, please call 1300 707 344.

Q: How do I receive my tickets and pay for them?

A: Once you have been contacted by us and pledge your support, you will either receive tickets in the post or via email. There are various options to pay for your tickets and via this website is one of them. Please select the payment option on this page and follow the prompts.